adjective: meticulous
showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.

Since I want to continue to live in a “happily ever after” marriage, I took my wife’s advice and became a professional home inspector. 

My own connections to the idea of Meticulous Home Inspections are: 

  • Spending countless days as a U.S. Marine during the Persian Gulf War making sure everything under my responsibility was perfect;
  • framing homes with Angie’s family before moving to Houston;
  • practicing Safety First while working non-stop in the oil and gas industry;
  • taking pride in anything I own (or do) which includes my appearance - my clothes, shoes and even my hair;
  • dedicating my time and energy to bringing success to my own family; but most importantly
  • giving my wife, Angie, what she’s always dreamed of – her own business.   


Angie De Leon Gallardo


The idea for Meticulous Home Inspections originated several years ago when I handed a home inspector a list of our concerns prior to our one-year home warranty inspection.  The inspector complimented us and stated, “After years of being in the inspection business, it’s rare to see a list like this from a homeowner”.  That was my Aha! moment.  I began pestering my husband, Frank, to take a home inspector’s course. 

My Aha! moment connected:

  • 20+ years of supporting attorneys in the legal industry;
  • learning first hand from my Mom, who owned and operated a home construction business;
  • a lifetime of watching homes being built from the ground up; and finally
  • the passion to own a business in this industry. 

OUR Mission

To inspect our client's homes with the same attention to detail that we used in our own home.

Telephone:  281-914-6369


Frank Gallardo

Professional Home Inspector

TREC #22015

Licensed by TREC #22015

OUR Team